Strip Tease
     Cats And Sin City's Annual International Cat Show
         April 16th & 17th, 2011

Spectator Admission Prices & Information ~

  •      Adults - $5
  •      Seniors - $3
  •      Kids - $4, under 5 FREE!
Show Hours for spectators:
10 - 5 Saturday, April 16th
10 - 5 Sunday, April 17th

There are a few official and unofficial 'rules' that you will also need to know to be able to exhibit proper Show Etiquette:

  •      Do not try to touch anyone's cat without specific permission!!
  •      Do not be surprised or offended if someone says no!
  •      The Show Hall is arranged in no specific order; so take your time while looking around! The Breed(s) you are looking for are likely spread throughout the Show Hall
  •      Please think of a Cat Show as a Beauty Contest! If you think a cat looks ...."different", please reserve your comments until later! Their Owner has worked very hard to have them at the show! Compliments are always welcome

And, for the basics of how the show works:

  •      The cats in the show are divided into 4 basic groups: Kittens (4-7 months), Cats (unaltered cats over 8 months), Alters, and Household Pet.
  •      Every cat in the show will be seen by each of the judges in a day.
  •      The numbers atop the cages behind the Judges are assigned to the cats in the show hall. Every cat entered in the show has their own number, and any Exhibitor (someone showing a cat) can help you find the number for any breed that you might be interested in seeing (if in the Show of course!)
  •      Each judge will look at one class at a time, say, all the kittens, and then call an "Allbreed Kitten Final". The 10 kittens who are asked to return at that time are the 10 kittens who best represent their respective Breed Standards in the eyes of that judge. They will be given awards ranking them from 10th Best up to Best Kitten!
  •      Every Judge 'sees' the cats a little differently, and they often will 'call' the finals differently from one another - so don't think that, if you have seen one final, the others will be the same!
  •      Most of the Judges will talk a bit about the Breeds they are Judging if there are Spectators in the ring.
  •      If you have a question about the Judging, please ask someone else watching instead of interrupting the Judge
  •      You are not allowed to go past or behind the Judging areas. If you would like a closer look at a kitty, just keep an eye peeled for its Owner, they will likely happily oblidge!
  •      After looking at each cat, the Judge ranks each, first by breed. Breeds will be ranked based on kitty's color, then pattern (division), and then by breed (Third BOB up to Best of Breed). After this, the Owners will take the cats back to their Benching Area, and wait to see if the Judge will call them back for a Final.

If this brief article is not in-depth enough, and you would like to know ALL about the Shows, and what you will see/how the scoring works/etc., please click here for an article with much greater detail!