Strip Tease!
     Cats And Sin City's Annual International Cat Show
          April 16th & 17th, 2011

Are you a new Exhibitor? Thanks for taking the time to visit this page!

This article is intended more to help you prepare for the show than to teach you about how the TICA cats shows work. Please see our "Spectator Info" page for the basics, or click here for an article with much more detail!
If you have any questions, please send us an Email and we will do our best to help!

If you are a new Exhibitor, please check the "New Exhibitor" box on the Entry form if you wish to be near someone who knows you are new and would like to be helpful. All clubs will do their best to help you in any way possible, please just ask!

When coming to your first cat show, there is a handful of things that you should know. You do not need to be a member of TICA to enter a show, or have a registered cattery. Your cats must, however, be TICA registered, if you plan to claim your points and any titles earned. You may enter a show even if your cat is without a TICA registration number, once per cat, and send the number in later to be eligible for any earned points and titles.

Every cat that is entered will be 'given' a cage space with their entry. If you do not have a cage, that is no problem! There is some variation in the size of the cage space that will be provided to you, but, generally, one entry comes with one half-cage. This space is often 22"w x 22"d, but please check the Summary Sheet for the sizes for the show you are entering! If you want or need additional space (in 1/2 cage, one kitten sized litterbox plus one bed is a bit of a squeeze!), you should consider purchasing the 'additional half cage'. If you enter two cats, you will get the entire cage and they can happily share space.

The number of cats/kittens that may be put into one cage varies by the size of the cage. Please see your Summary Sheet for further details about this!

While preparing for the Show, don't forget:

  • A bath for kitty before heading out
  • A good clipping of the claws on all 4 paws!
  • Any other breed specific grooming

And for the show itself, you must cover your cage on all sides and the top. A drape that will go beneath the cage and to the floor is great but not necessary. Two flat sheets will either cover the entire cage, or the sides and beneath, then add a nice cover for the top, and you are ready to go! You can find "Show Curtains" on Ebay and many other places if you have so much fun you want to begin to show ALL the time!

If your Show offers half cages and you are bringing only one cat, don't forget to bring something to cover the divider that will separate your cat from the one that may be in the other half of the same cage.

After these things, put together your 'show kit' that should include:

  • Nail Clippers for kitty (just in case!)
  • Baby wipes for quick cleanups
  • A favorite bed
  • An extra bed is never a bad idea!
  • A small litter box. If using 1/2 cage, bring a kitten litter pan or a small plastic tote, to save room!
  • Q-tips for any last minute ear or eye cleaning
  • Food/water dishes, and some of kitty's favorite food
  • Any other breed-specific grooming tools (brushes, etc)
  • Bags and a litter scoop or latex gloves to keep the litter pan show-clean
  • Some Purell or other sanitizing hand cleaner
  • Any business cards or other handouts to give to people that you are speaking with about your kitty
  • A favorite teaser from home, to get kitty's attention at your benching area (while not with the judges)
  • Some easy snacks for you
  • Anything else that you think you may want!

There are a few official and unofficial 'rules' that you will also need to know to be able to exhibit proper Show Etiquette:

  • Do not try to touch anyone else's cat without specific permission, and do not be surprised or offended if someone says no!
  • Adult cats sharing a cage need to be altered, or the same sex.
  •  Kittens must be at least 12 weeks of age to be in the show hall at all, and 16 weeks to be entered in the show.
  • You should not speak to the judges while they are looking at your cat, unless they ask you a question. If you have a question for them, you should wait until AFTER they call the Final for your class (kitten, cat, alter, etc)
  • When bringing your cats up to the Judging area, you should put the cat in the cage displaying the number you were given when you arrived, and quickly go have a seat to watch the judging.
  • You cannot put anything in the judging cages with your cat. No teaser, no special bed, no favorite toy.
  • Please be quiet while watching judging. Distracting the Judge is against Show Rules - cat toys/teasers included!
  • If your kitty is really acting stressed, it is perfectly OK to hold them out of a ring if you feel it is necessary. When your number comes up, just go let the Clerk know (the person sitting near the Judge) that your kitty will need to miss that ring. Most of the time, though, a favorite treat may just 'snap' them out of it!

If you feel we have missed anything, again, please look here for a much more in-depth article all about how a TICA cat show works. If you still have any other questions, send us an Email and we will do our best to reply as soon as possible!

Thanks, and we hope to see you at our upcoming show!

~ Cats And Sin City